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Spoiler TV: NCIS: Los Angeles - Episode 6.01 - Deep Trouble II - Promo 2



Looks more like a promo for the beginning of the season, not the specific episode but however…

Now that was a promo… 

Anonymous: Why do you think she's crying?!?!


My best guess- somehow Kensi is ultimately going to feel responsible for the Afghanistan incident. Kensi doesn’t know that hetty and jackaroo were friends. The characters all also have this bond to hetty, each in their own way, and with the way Kensi is written she’ll probably feel all the blame for what happened. And then hetty looks like she has health issues or something, so that probably pushes Kensi over the edge.

On the bright hand- I’m already excited for more hugging (more parallels to gif!!) and seeing Kensi rely on deeks a bit more. I mean I like it when my otp hugs.

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 6 Sneak Peek: Has Someone Hurt Hetty?!

"just FUCKING kiss already!"
-me losing my shit over my otp (via bamf-beckett)

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